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More and more people are putting Windsor motors in their Panteras these days, and the demand for 180 degree headers for this application was so large that we had to make some. After lots of research and fabrication, we finally have it done. They will be available soon, so please call and get your name on the list for the production run.

These headers use 1 3/4" flanges and 3 1/2" collectors for the best performance and sound.. Price for the headers alone (to the collector) is $1,995.00. ceramic coating is $ 350.00 The exhaust is made GT40 style going out the center of the rear a/c screen. The standard exhaust with Magnaflow mufflers and regular tips is $300.00. The exhaust with Magnaflow mufflers and double wall polished stainless steel tips with 4" outlet is $449.

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